Sustainable Living: Member Councils

Member councils are listed here - can you find yours?

The council pages linked from the names below provide information specific to member districts across NZ.   

To get free access to the learning materials, if you're not already registered, please follow the link below to your local council name and then register on the form linked at the head of that Council's page.  Detailed contacts and weblinks for each member council area are available or will be added soon. Once you have registered on this site, downloads of learning guides are acessed  here  using the password sent automatically to your email address.

If your council name is not yet listed (i.e. no link below) do consider either becoming an individual subscriber, for which a $39 fee is charged (to cover 12 months access). In addition you could help us to open discussion with your council, to see if they'd like to subscribe, which would then provide free use to all residents. See the 'non members' page, using the tab link above. We're happy to have your enquiries and to support a request you may make to the local council - it is probably how our programme will become national in coverage!

Promotional talks about the programme are offered at events around NZ - watch our Facebook page FutureLivingSkills for details of these, or contact our National Coordinator, Rhys Taylor, on 036938726 or 


Which council covers your part of NZ ?

Links to current and prospective member council information pages are in green on this page, below. Use one of those, if it appears we do cover your part of NZ. We will ask for your home address and email when registering.

If you do not live in a member council area, check the two maps here, provided by Local Government NZ, to see which District Council name  likely covers your home area. Then let us know which District, by email to the national coordinator: or telephone 03 693 8726 so that he can help you to invite your council to join Sustainable Living programme. Annual budgets are planned well ahead for Council spending from July each year, so don't delay.

Meanwhile you can still register here to get occasional newsletters and you can request access to our learning materials as a private individual outside a member district, by paying a fee of $39 to Sustainable Living Education Trust, to get a personal password access to the learning guides.

See also the menu on the page header, for our various free pages.

Thanks for visiting!


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