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The Sustainable Living Education Trust in New Zealand operates independently, gathering and publishing useful information for future living skills - the practical stuff that you need to know to make a difference, to take action where you live. We know that you think globally whilst your action starts locally, at home, in the neighbourhood, and at workplaces.

Sharon, pictured here, joined one of our classes as a University of Canterbury student and went on to work at the University promoting sustainability for other students and Departments, on projects such as 'Eco My Flat'. Now she works professionally in waste minimisation.

We start with easy, no-cost actions, then propose small investments that can pay for themselves, such as energy efficiency to cut power bills, and move on to the bigger challenges that you have opportunity to tackle less often but can be ready-informed for, such as when moving home, changing a vehicle, renewing domestic appliances, raising babies, renovating a house and deciding if and where to fly abroad. We aim to help you move towards lower-carbon living and reduce your waste of scarce resources, whilst keeping a good quality of lfe. You will feel good when these choices also save money and support better health. Our community education is focussed on 'future living skills'. Explore this theme more by Liking 'FutureLivingSkills' our associated Facebook page.

To be a user of Sustainable Living learning guides, first register at your district page. If your district or city is a member of the Trust it is free to download the learning guides here. If they are not members, we have an individual subscriber option available at $39: write to the Coridinator to arrange  this: . Meanwhile there is useful basic info offered for free on our public pages, which are searchable. Enjoy exploring!


What's your footprint?

We can help you to understand and record your carbon footprint, in partnership with CarbonZero, and to understand other aspects of your environmental footprint, whilst keeping your well-being and quality of life in mind. 

Specific question for us? And we have some for you!

If you know exactly what you are seeking on an aspect of sustainability, try a keyword or phrase in our site search engine (top right of this page). Most of the detail within download PDFs is only available to registered users - see our districts page for how to register within member council areas. It's quick and easy. Any adverts on the search resuts are from Google search engine and are not endorsed by us: we do not accept any paid advertising here.

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Just browsing home sustainability issues?

If you'd enjoy exploring a range of home sustainability questions on-screen, perhaps to see how much you know about the basics already, try our household Quiz  then maybe go to the Issues page.

We can tell you more, if you've time to watch

There's information from our team on film available at YouTube. Hear our Coordinator, Rhys Taylor, delivering a talk to local government colleagues in Auckland about Sustainable Living programme a few years ago: embedded film clip below (9 minutes - other sections follow it). It is from when our main delivery was focussed on taught evening classes. To more easily find subsequent parts, switch to this page.

Note that local learning groups are now the easiest way to take part, as there are fewer high-schol based classes, described here.

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