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Heating Efficiency

Heating Efficiency

Sun's energy for free:

New house or major renovations? If you're buying a hot water tank and new plumbing, invest in solar water heating as a fuel-saving supplement to electrical or gas-heated water. Solar water heating can meet household needs for much of the year in at least the northern two thirds of NZ. More energy saving tips

Trees &

Trees & Wildlife

Get closer to nature:

If you have some garden or yard space available it can meet many needs at once - northern shade for outdoor relaxation, southern shelter for the house in winter, beds to grow favourite veggies or fruit, home for native plants, insects, lizards and birds. Sustainable gardening tips

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

Don’t fight a head-wind:

Leave earlier and enjoy the drive more! Limiting your cruising speed on the open road to about 90km per hour, where it is safe to do so, will save 20% on fuel compared to driving close to 110km/hr. More motoring cost-savers


Lower Carbon Emissions

Walk the talk:

Cycling and walking are zero-emission transport modes. Your legs are also light on fuel demand. If your return-trip is less than 3km, consider walking. If less than 8km, consider cycling or bus plus walk. If you have children, find out if your local Council promotes the Walking School Bus (also known as StreetWise Rangers). More on travel options


Shopping Choices

Reuse a bag:

Instead of using ‘free’ plastic bags at the supermarket (millions of which are thrown away each year), why not get reusable green or hessian bags at the shops, or bring your own canvas bag from home. When you’ve finished unpacking the groceries, just remember to put your bags back in your car (or bike panniers!) ready for next time you shop. Become a critical consumer

Conserve Water

Conserve Water

Why let rain go down the drain?

Create your own rainwater storage by placing a tank under your house’s down-pipe. When it rains, roof-water will flow into your tank first instead of down the drains (until it is full), and you’ll be able to use the store later to water your garden or wash your car. It is also a handy household back-up for toilet flushes in times of short supply, even if not safe drinking quality. More water efficiency ideas

Building & Renovating

Building & Renovating

Replace your open fireplace:

If you like seeing a ‘living flame’ in winter-time, select a new glass front low-emission wood-stove and burn it always with lively flames for maximum combustion of dry wood. Alternatively, chose an automatic wood pellet fire or a log-effect gas fire. Keep the heat in your home for longer too, with insulation. House insulation guide


Less Waste

There’s gold in muck:

Turn kitchen and garden waste into valuable compost. A key to success is getting the right proportions of green (high Nitrogen) and brown (high Carbon) ingredients. That means mixing kitchen peelings and grass with twigs, raked leaves or pea-straw. Home Composting Guide

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Become a soap-o killer!

Avoid toxic chemical pesticides by spraying aphid-affected plants with soapy water, using pure soap and garlic rather than detergent. You can also disorientate and distract the little blighters by using a reflective mulch on the ground around your plants, and encourage natural predators such as hoverflies by planting Phacelia, Buckwheat and Coriander. Organic Gardening Tips

Healthy Home
and Reduced Rubbish

Healthy Home

Hang out the wash and help your health:

Tumble dryers create condensation, which if not vented is unhealthy for your home and your family. The tumbling movement also speeds the wear of clothes, so they have to be replaced sooner. Every time you dry outdoors you save energy, and the sun's UV light helps to kill bacteria too! Why not also try some of the traditional cleaners, available in bulk, to reduce packaging and your family's chemical exposure, and save dollars too? Reduce Your Waste
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