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Maureen Howard, pictured here, is one of our experienced contributors to the learning guides. She taught for a decade in Dunedin as a Sustainable Living tutor. This psychology graduate and local radio broadcaster has a passion for influencing consumer choices and behaviour and she's provided fun as an evening class tutor too - her classes were usually full and after the taught series many participants organised themselves into continuing learning groups!  See this Dunedin blog site (used until 2015, still on-line.) Today she contributes to Resilient - a publication of the Otago Daily Times.

Jenny Upton is our new lead tutor in Dunedin in 2020.

Timaru, Masterton & Christchurch and some other councils have taken this class-based approach to delivery of Sustainable Living programme. The tutors find that learners' involvement in discussion and guided reading in a group that meets for several sessions (up to 9), has much more impact on subsequent actions in their lives than just browsing a website alone or attending a single topic workshop. Visit the district pages to see what's listed as happening in your locality. A new set of courses were starting up in Christchurch in 2020 but are interrupted by the COVid-19 virus spread and Timaru has a waiting list for the next course (text to 021462260).

If you live within a member council district but note it's not yet offering courses and think you may be suitable as a Sustainable Living/Future Living Skills facilitator or tutor, read this download flyer and then make contact with the National Coordinator, so that we can create a register of potential facilitators/tutors.  Email or send letter and CV by mail to SLET, PO box 58 Geraldine 7956.   Indicate: (a) the towns or suburbs where you would be prepared to teach, noting that we don't encourage long-distance commuting and (b) mention if you regularly use Facebook, Neighbourly or other social media and (c) if there are times of year and/or of week that you'd prefer.   Also, (d) if you have attended this course previously, do let us know when you write - we have found that some of the best tutors are former participants! 

Previous training in adult community or continuing education is useful but not essential: many polytechnics offer such courses, and the skills required for success with voluntary adult learners do differ from skills for teaching school-children!

You can register interest in becoming a facilitator and once registered and supplied (by National Coordinator) with a password, an additional page of resources is available to you on your new logged-in home page.

The learning guides have been developed to suit both tutor/facilitator use and self-help study groups. Download the guides here.

Facilitator training session in Christchurch, hosted at Envirocentre.


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