Hauraki District Sustainable Living Info

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Hauraki District is a new member of the programme for 2019-2020.  This local information page is under construction in June 2019.

Council office contacts are Ruth Kriechbaum and Adrian de Laborde/Antoinette Mustart.

Hauraki Mayor, some councillors and staff were visited recently by Sustainable Living Education Trust's National Coordinator (at left, in pic below)


Waste minimisation

Hauraki Council info on waste and recycling

Rural waste - Agrecovery

Electronics and electrical appliances 'E-waste'

Love Food- Haste Waste

Policy - the Eastern Waikato Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Proposed Hauraki Reuse Centre

Mayor's donation of Worm farms to Waihi schools

Zerowaste education in schools  and recycling Paper for Trees programme




Water care

'Save our drains for rain' by avoiding pollution

Water supplies in Hauraki

Water use efficiency - be smart as clean water is scarce

Waste water - where it goes from your sink and toilet

Ngatea Main Street.


In schools and community

See the waste minimisation section above.

Some schools are 'Enviroschools' with students and staff taking action as they learn

EcoQuest in Miranda:  Ria Brejaart 09 2322501

Pareora Community Support Trust: Nicola Poutu  nicola.poutu@pc.org.nz

Tip: After you ‘Get Thru’?
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