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This is a page of reference information and contacts for Wellington users of the Sustainable Living/Future Living Skills website. Please let us know what extra you'd like to see listed here and do please notify any errors or failed links, to: rhys (at) sustainableliving.org.nz or call 03 693 8726

Sustainability Trust has newsletters and website available. They have events coming up in Wellington.

The Council is a subscriber: see their information page on sustainability

Public interest in protecting the environment, and with it human health, is growing - see latest survey results from Regional Council

Gardens and backyard crops

Fresh garden produce - just dug!

Fresh produce from your garden or from a nearby community garden is so appealing as an alternative to the stale, plastic-wrapped offerings in some city shops!  Here are a few community food growing contacts (can you add more?):

Brooklyn Food Group - a community orchard. Email them at the brooklynfoodgroup@gmail.com

Community Orchard Berhampore-Island Bay,  Facebook page

Wellington beekeepers association 

Innermost  Gardens, Mt Victoria. Includes classes, may be publicised on Chalkle.

Operation Green Thumb - Wellington City Council sponsored community gardens   Page includes a garden monthly action calendar for Wellington.

Community Fruit Wellington, Facebook page

Food choices

For Wellington cafes with a preference for healthy and ethical food sources, see Conscious Consumers

Events and education on organics, from CommonSense Organics.

Hill Street Farmers Market, open Saturday mornings.

Wairarapa Eco Farms - community supported agricultural produce. 

there is also a Brooklyn Food Group (  thebrooklynfoodgroup@gmail.com.nz )



Minimising Waste

Waste education workshops are run on various topics around Wellington region by Sustainability Trust.

The City Council promotes compost-making and kerbside recycling.

Read about a new Wellington city waste minimisation bylaw here.  (also on this page.)

Some central city households now have access to a community composting drop off 'hub' for food waste, located outside of Sustainability Trust in Te Aro, Wellington central city. Another hub will be set up in Berhampore in early 2021. Both hubs form part of a network for Kaicycle Hospital Road Farm. Join on a subscription - cost an average of $4 per household per week. 

Re-use of items that others have no need for, but are not worn out, is great way to reduce landfill. See Second Treasures Shop.

Surplus food is rescued by Kaibosh.

Polystyrene packaging has a new home at PolyPalace, instead of landfill (you can't recycle it in kerbside bins)

Old phones, computers and other E-waste can be taken by Sustainability Trust, at low cost.

Some printer toner or ink cartridges can be refilled by Cartridge World.

Paint take back and recycling offered by Enviropaints at Otaki - download PDF brochure and by Dulux (Dulux PDF) and also paint take back at Wellington shops by Resene.

Community Resilience

In a quake-familiar Capital city, a reality of life is the need to be prepared for a 'big one' caused when the largest faults move. (video link: drop-cover-hold)  One day courses in emergency skills are available in Wellington.

Civil Defence experience from Christchurch and elsewhere in these Shaky Isles shows that NZ households can be prepared with a plan of action and key supplies for emergencies, when transport, cellphones and utilities may fail. Store some water, non perishable food, torch and batteries, radio, a well-maintained bicycle, etc.  Grow food in your garden.

Another important aspect of preparation is getting to know your neighbours, so that you are more able to help and be helped. Formal ways to do this include Neighbourhood Watch, but informal ones may be more fun - try gifting surplus veges or preserves, helping to water gardens or feed pets when people are away, holding a BBQ or street party on Neighbours Day (28,29 March 2015) For an infographic on good outcomes from Neighbours Day 2014 download this PDF.

A great way to get to know your neighbours and others in this city is to join the Wellington Timebank. The timebank is a community of people who share their skills and knowledge with each other using time as the currency. Everyone's time is valued equally so one hour always equals one time credit no matter what skill you're trading. 



Energy Efficiency

Warm up for Winter - funding may be available towards insulation of older homes. Providers in Wellington include RightHouse and Sustainability Trust.

Wellington Curtain Bank, uses donated curtains and fits them for re-use warming your windows.

Home Energy Advice, free advice line & email details

Efficient lighting and energy saving devices for use at home (Sustainability Trust)

Eco-building and renovations

Sustainability Trust “Smart Homes” program.

Shop for energy & water efficiency to 'desgn-in' to your project (Sustainability Trust)

Nearby Kapiti Coast and Hutt City Council each have EcoDesign Advisors available to help ratepayers, but there is not one within Wellington City at present. ( To read about EcoDesign Advisors see their background info page. )

Design Your Own Eco Home Weekend workshop on 29 & 30 November 2014 in Wellington, run by Building Biology Institute. Details from Alex:  bbe@ecoprojects.co.nz  Ph. 0274465146

Water use and impacts

Capacity manages Wellington Water supply.

Wellington City Council manages sewerage and waste water

GWRC water pages  and for educators, a GWRC water educational resource.  

Water saving devices to install at home (Sustainability Trust)


Getting around Wellington

Metlink Wellington Bus Network map.

CityHop is a car share business

Car pooling, take a passenger or be one (register first, to use) 

Cycling and walking journey planner (interactive map)

Taking cycles on trains and buses in Wellington

Public transport routes to hospital, for your care or visiting others.

Cycle Aware Wellington (advocacy and info for cyclists).   There's a map of cycling routes at Cycling Atlas.

Frocks on bikes (women cycling everyday).

Community bike repair workshop and therer are many commercial bike suppliers with workshop services available too.

Living Streets Wellington - pedestrians advocacy, and can help you find some neighbourhood explore on foot maps.

If you'd like to map your own local favourite walk on line for others to follow, using a smartphone with GPS, try this.

Additional information sources

Wellington City Libraries.

Wellington region's Enviroschools.

Six local habitat care groups in Wellington 

Forest & Bird Wellington branch (Facebook page)

Citizens Advice Bureau:  Central Wellington or Eastern suburbs, or Johnsonville.

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Tip: Summer Veges 365!
Drying, freezing and bottling foods will preserve summer's garden harvest. Guide available at our Food guide.