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To become a registered user of this website from an address within Marlborough District use the link above - then you can download the learning guides for free! The Council has a wealth of useful infornation on its own website, too. Start at their sustainability education webpage, or explore topic by topic below, which includes MDC links, along with other sources.

The topic headings match the group learning guides, available free once you have registered from our downloads page

Download a PDF booklet on '30 ways you can make a positive difference for the environment' in Marlborough.


Gardens and backyards for food and nature

Celebrating what’s special about Marlborough native plants and animals (biodiversity)

Background to keeping pests, weed plants and farm diseases out of Marlborough (biosecurity)  and a link to WeedBusters.

Directory of plants & anmals ‘gone wild’ which are now pests in this region. 

Download to save or print ‘Plant me instead’ a PDF guide to garden alternatives to these pests.

Organic growing – food from your Marlborough garden. (Organic Growing guide from Sustainable Living Marlborough. Versions to view, or save to print.)

Natural alternatives in the vege garden – companion planting, natural fertilisers and insect pest controls. 

 Advice on compost-making and use

Food choices & shopping

Marlborough Farmers Market (Oct to May, Sundays, at A&P Park, Alabama Rd, Blenheim) and their Facebook page.

Marlborough Community gardens & allotments, Ralph Ballinger Drive, off Budge St, Riversdale.  

Ideas on shopping to reduce waste, make choices to help the planet and maybe, save some money.

Recipes for making your own cleaners & how to avoid toxics at home. 

Minimising waste

Working towards zero waste in Marlborough.

Recycling and resource recovery   and kerbside recycling info

How to reduce waste in Marlborough - useful info for householdsand businesses.

The Re-use Shop (open 7days) & salvage yard (Weds to Sun), Wither Road East, Blenheim. 

Stop throwing out pollutants – know the hazardous wastes, how to safely store and dispose of them.

Reducing kitchen waste going to landfill by using EM Bokashi, which can handle  items  unsuited to garden composting.

Worm composting to handle kitchen waste, & make liquid fertiliser and wormcast for use in gardening.  See also info on conventional composting in Marlborough gardening sction above.

Community resilience and emergency management

How to 'get ready and get thru' emergencies.

2016 Quake recovery information - the 2019 progress report. (PDF)

Soil liquifaction & geotechnical risk evaluation -  as Blenheim grows.

Energy efficiency - reducing power bills

Stay warm in an energy efficient home – insulation & hot water tips.

More info on Insulation

Building and renovations for warm, dry homes

Ecological Building in Marlborough – materials, sustainable design and who can help.

Air quality and pollution sources in Marlborough - why there is winter smog and how to respond.

Info on current rules affecting domestic wood-burners.

Water use and our impacts

Valuable water – MDC introduction page on water supply and conservation.

Rivers and streams including their ecology.

Rivers information line, e.g. for flooding info. is 03 520 7488.

 Groundwater in Marlborough

How to enter water meter readings on-line, for permit holders.

Stormwater and our used water (sewage): where they go to and how we affect them. (Or download this info as a printable PDF.)

Getting around Marlborough

Maps - Marlborough facilities and attractions (can zoom in)

Topographic map of region.

Public toilet locations mapped.

Road speed limits being reduced (news item)

Car pooling to reduce commuting costs.

Download PDF - accident blackspots & safer driving routes, from ACC.

Bus routes map within Blenheim.

Intercity buses: from Blenheim, from Picton, from Havelock, from Seddon.   

Walking and cycling maps across region.

Leisure walking guides & maps, Blenheim area.  Also download PDFs for Wairau cycle routes and for Picton cycle and walk routes.

Spotted a road pothole, unsafe footpath, missing sign?  Use the Fixit Request Form at MDC website.

Extra info sources - Marlborough

Environmental Education at MDC.

Enviroschools in Marlborough (28 of these, of whch 12 have food gardens)

Community volunteers and council habitat restoration projects. (contacts listed)

Citizens Advice Bureau (Blenheim) 

Public library  webpage & catalogue and library on line services for local registered users.

Community information database : search by keyword.

Safe Community project Marlborough 

Tip: Warm and dry home?
Be ready to tell the builder what you actually want in a house extension or new build. Energy efficiency and solar feature in the Eco-Building & Renovation guide.