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This inspired course will help you support your chosen actions towards waste-free sustainable living; meet like-minded people in your community; and learn and share planet-friendly tips specific to Dunedin. Interesting two-hour evening sessions with a new topic each week.

Day workshop sessions drawing content and fun activities from the course are coming soon. (Previous courses were run at Waikouaiti in 2019 and a weekend in June 2019 in the central city. Shorter workshops followed at Green Island in March 2020 and another on Sat 27 March 2021 at Castle Street.)

Make contact if you'd like to host a future workshop in your part of the City.

Thanks to Council membership of the Trust and recent support from Waste Minimisation Fund of Ministry for Environment, you can download free learning guides from this website to use at home or in community, workplace or neighbourhood groups. Simply register once at this site to get access. The best way to learn is in groups at workshops and courses.

To enquire about joining the facilitator team in Dunedin, email rhys@sustainableliving.org.nz

 City council webpage.

Gardens and back-yards

Bathgate Park Community Garden facebook page  (has run workshops)

Dalmore Reserve Community Garden.  Join in on second and fourth Sundays, 3 to 4pm. Wednesdays 1 to2pm.

Shetland St Community Garden. Run by DECT (Dunedin Environment Centre Trust) Hendrik Koch ph. 4780311

North East Valley Community Garden    Jenny Roxborogh, Email:  garden@northeastvalley.org 
(located behind the North East Valley Normal School,  from Longworth Street.   Working bees every weekend alternating Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Details in the Valley Voice , on Facebook  , or join email list for updates.)

The Kiaora Peace Garden for students and city people,. On Albany Street. Contact Paul Gourlie on 021 260 8059

Transition Valley 473 Facebook page.   Fruit and Nut Tree Project (Open Orchard)  Kristen Bracey Email: bracey-browns@clear.net.nz

Musselburgh School Community Garden   Run by the Multicultural gardening group. Contact  beryllee@xtra.co.nz

Broad Bay Community Garden  Facebook page.

Brockville Community Garden, next to school Contact Contact Jamie Heperi on 0273054941

Brockville Community Orchard - Contact Sue Morey Email: robertandsue.morey@xtra.co.nz

Waitati Community garden -  Derek Onley  Email: derekonley@yahoo.com
Waitati Open Orchard , Orokonui Road. -  Jason Ross Email: waitatiopenorchards@gmail.com

Otago Uni Campus Community Garden. Regular working bees are: Wednesday from 12 - 1 pm, Sunday 2 - 4 pm.  Open to students and the wider community.  Facebook. Otago Uni Campus Garden

Otago Polytechnic has a Living Campus project. Lisa   Email: livingcampus@tekotago.ac.nz    The campus is located between Harbour Terrace and Forth Street and there is another permaculture garden at L block campus, 100 Anzac Avenue.

Gardening more sustainably - Council website  and some more suggested action 

Garden biodiversity (attracting wildlife to the back yard) 

Food choices

Dunedin (Otago) Farmers Market, North of Railway Station on Saturday mornings.   also on Facebook.    Market vendors listed here .

Consumer choices and tips from City website (& not just on food)

Dunedin Locavores  seek and enjoy local food producers

Minimising Waste

Waste minimising - City advice.

Re-thinking shopping.  

City Council rubbish and recycling collections  ( and to download a Kerbside Recycling Guide pdf)

Yellow lid wheelie bins for recycling card, paper, plastics, metals (and to download a plastic recycling codes guide)

Blue bin for glass 

Electronic waste and TVs 

Rummage, formerly named The Recovery Store, at Green Island landfill site. Visit to buy re-usable items  Here is also the place to drop off tvs (pay $20), computer screens (pay $10), working small electrical goods (not whiteware), compact fluorescent light bulbs, small batteries…  

Cloth nappies: Council info.  and The Nappy Lady http://www.thenappylady.co.nz/

If you can not recycle or re-use it - here are the landfill charges.

Resilience and Emergency Preparedness

What the hazards are in Dunedin. 

Get prepared for emergencies in Dunedin

Being prepared for emergencies   Audio files available.

Steps to take, to get your home prepared for an emergency 

Where to find civil defence coordination & welfare centres

Energy Efficiency (save electricity)

Energy saving tips from the council  

Blueskin bay energy generation project:  Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust 

Building work for warm and dry homes

‘Warm Dunedin’  healthy homes loan funding  which may link to EECA 60% grant funding on insulation and the Otago Regional Council ‘Clean Heat Clean Air’  programme, promoting cleaner fuel burning. 

Info on Clean Heat - Clean Air (heating appliance replacements for cleaner city air). 

See also the Future Living Skills Eco-Bulding and Energy topics available to download from this website.

Water use and impacts

Water demand info from the Council   

Reducing water demand at home  

Water-efficent gardening  

Reporting water a water supply leak in the street, or notice poor quality tap water or stream pollution. Email dcc@dcc.govt.nz for any enquiries. Phone: 03 477 4000 

Getting around Dunedin

Travel options in the city     

Real costs of car travel   

Some lower-carbon travel suggestions

Car sharing contacts  in Otago with Share your ride

Dunedin public bus information
  also routes and their numbers

Cycling in Dunedin (includes cycling routes map download pdf)

Cycling safely 

News on cycle lanes and the future cycle network 

'Fix it' Report form for pavement, kerb, signage, tree or road surface safety hazards - goes to DCC

School travel planning, includes maps of walking routes

Extra information on sustainability

Enviroschools in Dunedin  and meet the regional coordinator 

Public seminars and community groups
working with Otago Regional Council (& download an events newsletter)

Library search. (requires pop-ups enabled on browser)

More groups: Keep Dunedin Beautiful, Trees for Babies, Adopt-a-Spot, Graffiti-busting, Murals, etc.  

The Dunedin Directory (not for profit & community groups)

Sustainability gatherings and radio programme

Green Drinks Dunedin, at METRO – Downstairs, on Lower Stuart St, Disability access via Lower Moray Place on lane opposite RedCurrent.   Meet on the last Thursday of each month from 5.30pm. Everyone most welcome!  Contact Sustainable Dunedin City 

Podcasts of previous radio shows on Otago Access Radio ‘Eco Living in Action’ series with Maureen Howard 

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What would you do in the weeks after a pandemic, flood or earthquake’s disruption? Practical skills offered in our Community Resilience guide.