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Welcome to the information page for Waimakariri District in North Canterbury (updated August 2017). The Council is a subscriber to Sustainable Living, your free learning source for Future Living Skills. Register at this site from your Waimakariri address to get a free password access to the new learning guides, designed in 2014 - with some topics since updated-  for individual and group study. Local information links below are grouped under the same topics - no need to register to use these links. Phone enquiries to Rhys at 03 693 8726.

Gardens & backyards – for food and nature


Rangiora Community Garden, opposite 101 East Belt.  Tues to Fri from 10am to 2pm Ph. 313 9438 or email mheerink@xtra.co.nz  This is run by the Hope Community Trust, and is also a part of the Fruit and Vege Co-op which provides $15 fruit and veg boxes once a week - by arrangement: more info on Facebook page or at http://www.hopecommunity.co.nz/fruit-and-vege-co-op.html

Kaiapoi Community Garden, 48-52 Hilton Street, by Borough School. Open Wednesdays 10am to 2pm in summer and 11am to 1pm in winter. Contact Mandy Griener 03 327 2821.  Include skills workshops (e.g. bread making, preserving, cooking). 

Kaiapoi Food Forest in design now, Council backed.

Oxford Envirotown plan a community garden.

Satisfy Food Rescue http://www.satisfyfoodrescue.org.net is a charitable trust that runs a food rescue system out of the Wellbeing North Canterbury Community Trust offices at 116 Williams St, Kaiapoi. They rescue food from supermarkets and cafes, and supply it to 13 North Canterbury support organisations & food banks. email satisfyfoodrescue@outlook.com or phone 027 951 5062 Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/satisfyfoodrescue

LEARN MORE about organic food growing using our Sustainable Living Learning Guide (once you’re registered)  

The Menz Sheds are allies of community gardens, helping with construction and projects:

Kaiapoi is in Dale Street, Kaiapoi. Behind Patience and Nicholson. Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am to 1pm. Contact: Paul Grenier 03 327 2821.

Rangiora is operating out of the Rangiora A&P Show Grounds in Ashley St, Rangiora. Contacts are Secretary/Treasuer Ian Stephenson 03 313 5992 or Chair Peter Cornelius 03 3 13 6501

McIver's Oxford Community Men's Shed is in Pearson Park Oval, Oxford (access off Dohrmans Rd). Open Tues 7pm to 9pm, Thu & Sat 10am to 2pm. Contact the Secretary C/- 2 Campbell Lane Oxford 7430 or email oxfordcommunitymwensshed@gmail.com

Food choices - the critical consumer

Explore the option of buying less-travelled food, direct from the producers:

Farmers Market at Ohoka Domain, cnr Mill and White’s Rd,  Fridays 9 to 12.30, all year.  Also here

Kaiapoi Farmers Market, Morgan Williams Reserve, Charles St.  Saturdays 9 to 12.  

Oxford Farmers Market, Main Street, Sunday mornings.

About farmers markets generally.

If you occasionally take food prepared at home to sell or barter - read this first (pdf booklet) I f prodicing food commercially you have regulations to meet.

LEARN MORE about consumer food choices using our Sustainable Living Learning Guide (once you’re registered)

Minimising waste

Council waste info page: rubbish and recycling.   Advice on minimising waste.

Info on reusable materials for free.  Businesses encouraged to do a waste audit with Target Sustainability; your Council can help meet costs!

What materials can we recycle in this district? (Paper, glass, metal and plastics coded 1 or 2). Also EcoSort yellow bins advice.

Recycling tips, including which plastics can be recycled in Waimakariri District?

Hazardous chemicals at home (ECan page)

Composting, worm farming - for kitchen scraps (ECan page).

Read more - download the free Canterbury E-book 'One Planet'.

Burning restrictions  on outdoor rubbish and garden waste in residential areas.

LEARN MORE about minimising waste using our Sustainable Living Learning Guide (once you’re registered)

Resilience: Civil Defence and Emergency Management

What hazards do we face here? (ECan page)

Climate change (ECan page 2010) 

Get ready and get thru (prepare for surviving first three days after a natural disaster, or getting out safely) and useful links.

New Foundations - Canty Earthquake recovery info, Waimakariri.  

In the Know - residential rebuild & repair website from CERA.

LEARN MORE about community resilience using our Sustainable Living Learning Guide (once you’re registered)

Building work, for warm and dry homes (and cleaner air)

What do you want to build?

Build Back Smarter  - free guides for energy efficient new build and repair.

Subsidies. Environment Canterbury is partnering with Waimakariri District Council to provide extra financial assistance to Kaiapoi homeowners.  Note, this is a limited offer.  If you own your own home, you can get $850 towards an approved heat pump or gas heater, when an existing open fire or solid fuel burner is the main source of heating in the living area and it will be decommissioned; and the home must be in the Kaiapoi Clean Air Zone 1 and be built before 2000; also home insulation must be brought up to EECA standard (up to 60% subsidy is available on that). Call one of these approved service providers for more details and a free assessment:  Heat & Home Kaiapoi — 327 4813 (Vaughan)  , or Community Energy Action — 0800 438 9276, or AirCon NZ — 0800 161 162

Night air pollution in Canterbury (ECan page) and what causes it.

Guide to selecting & storing wood suitable for wood-stoves. 

ECan alphabetical list of clean air authorised solid-fuel burners (wood and pellet). 

LEARN MORE about eco-building  and reducing power bills using our Sustainable Living Learning Guides (once you’re registered)

Energy efficiency

The section above covers much of this topic - on renovations or new build, but there is plenty you can do to make an existing home warmer and drier, and reduce winter power bills.  See the Sustainable Living Energy learning guide to learn more.

Community Energy Action 0800 GETWARM can provice energy audits and free curtains for low-income households.


Water use and our impacts on rivers

District Council water supply info and more here.

Beach & river water quality  - can I swim here?  (Ecan pages, also map here)

Air, water and land pollution-your reporting 24hr hotline.  0800 765588. 

LEARN MORE about water using our Sustainable Living Learning Guide (once you’re registered)

Getting around Waimakariri

Christchurch roadworks locations and district roads map.

District and Region roles in public transport.

Metro bus maps and timetables.

Sustainable transport options (Ecan page)

Advocacy for  rail commuter link from Waipara via Rangiora & Kaiapoi to Christchurch (facebook page).

‘Total mobility’ door to door subsidised transport info. 

Airport & Christchurch links, door to door. SuperShuttle.

Walking in Waimakariri –includes walking maps for Kaiapoi, Oxford and Woodend.

Riverside walks info.

A booklet “Walking & Cycling Waimakariri guide” 2008 available from Council offices, library, visitor information.

Places & Events to visit in District: Discover Waimakariri.

LEARN MORE about lower carbon travel options using our Sustainable Living Learning Guide (once you’re registered) 

Extra information sources

Library on-line catalogue search.  (A new user? Library search tips available here.)

Community organisation directories

Business & organisation listings for Kaipoi

TimeXchange, Waimakariri. (the time bank coordinator, Kate, is based at Kaiapoi Mon & Weds, and Rangiora Tues & Thurs morning 0221 635 199)

Biodiversity fund for rural planting, fencing, habitat enhancement (ECan)

Citizens Advice Bureau info search.  The nearest CAB to visit or phone is  at 141 Percival Street, Rangiora,  Mon to Fri 9am to 4.30pm  03 313 8822 

Tip: Summer Veges 365!
Drying, freezing and bottling foods will preserve summer's garden harvest. Guide available at our Food guide.